1.  A place of peace, safety,  happiness from unpleasantness; a refuge

2.  Haven, harbour, retreat, shelter


He who sings frightens away his ills.



Is a family where everyone is in harmony and all are working for the same goal.

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The Oasis Women's Choir of Windsor & Essex County

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Three Selections From Our 2012-2013 Year

(our inaugural year ) 



 Selections From Our 2015-2016 Year


Two Selections From Our 2013-2014 Year


Choir information:

  Please call the choir's director, Kathy Rogers (519-966-5390) or the choir treasurer, Theresa Cunningham (519-980-2408) for information about the choir.

Our Philosophy


 Selections From Our 2016-2017 Year


Two Selections From Our 2014-2015 Year


The Oasis Women's Choir of Windsor & Essex County will be holding auditions for the 2018/2019 year on Tuesday, September4, 2018 at  St. James Anglican Church, 4276 Roseland Dr. E., Windsor, On.  We are looking for women who love to sing and who can carry a tune, regardless of experience.  No preparation is needed.  For further questions, please call the musical director Kathy Rogers at 519-966-5390 or the choir Treasurer Theresa Cunningham at.519-980-2408.

 Selections From Our 2017-2018 Year